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Prosperity Mala Bracelet

While your fingers touch each bead, softly inhale.....

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Karma Leather Bracelet

What goes around comes around...

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Om Bangle

....make your inner light always illuminates your path. Namaste....

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Dragonfly Leather Bracelet

Live simply, be persistent on your ideals, trust your inner voice..

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Tree of Life Brass Bangle

reach for the sky while still grounded by the strength of your roots....

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Swallow Bird Bracelet

Sing as if no one is listening, for music fills the heart with joy.

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Anchor Leather Bracelet

True love…..can weather any storm

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By the Sea

"Smell the sea, feel the sky…

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Sea Horse Expandable Brass Bangle

"The voice of the sea speaks to the soul"

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